This is how I make a potato and sausage skillet recipe on the blackstone griddle. Great blackstone griddle breakfast recipe and an easy blackstone griddle breakfast idea. We love easy breakfast ideas and when I found this smoked sausage breakfast recipe, I knew I had to try it! This is my favorite way to cook hash browns on the blackstone griddle. Get those hash browns frying up in some oil and butter to get a nice crisp on them, seasoned with blackstone’s Cajun seasoning. Then fry up up some veggies with a little seasoning. Then the smoked sausage. I combine everything from there and then make the eggs and combine with everything else. Add any other seasoning you like and let it cook together for a minute. EAT!
1- 12oz tube of smoked sausage
6 eggs lightly scrambled seasoned with Cajun
1 small yellow onion cut in slices
1/2 red pepper minced
2 jalapeños minced with seeds
Add Cajun to the veggies
1 bag of hash browns with Cajun seasoning

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