Pit Boss Griddle: First Cook on the Two Burner Tabletop Griddle

My first cook on the Pit Boss Griddle! I made a ROOKIE MISTAKE and installed the propane tank upside down.

I bought the two burner tabletop griddle from Pit Boss and broke it in with some sausages!

Pit Boss has a single burner griddle, a two burner griddle and a four burner model. I went with the two burner model because it has enough cooking surface for me and does not take up a lot of room. I seriously appreciate the small footprint of this griddle.

The Pit Boss griddle comes with a cover and is easy to assemble. The only things you need to do for assembly are to attach the grease cup, put the feet on and install the propane adapter. The assembly process takes less than five minutes.

The griddle comes with a five year warranty and costs less than $100. The cook top is heavy duty and comes with a rust prevention coating. Despite having a rust resistant coating the manual says that you should season the surface as much as possible to prevent rust from forming.

The first cook on the griddle was great and I look forward to getting a lot of use from the griddle!