How To Use The iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max Camera Tutorial – New Tips, Tricks & Features

This is how to use the iPhone 13 Pro camera and how to use the iPhone 13 Pro Max camera. This iPhone 13 camera tutorial features camera tips and tricks like Cinematic video, macro photos, portrait mode options, iPhone 13 Pro photography tips, 4k video from photos and more. For new or advanced iOS users, this new iPhone 13 Pro camera tutorial will go over everything you need to know to take great pictures and videos. Take note that most of these tips can be used with older iOS devices as well so be sure to watch this YouTube video all the way to the end.

Video Chapters Skip Ahead!
00:00 How to use the iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Tutorial
00:49 Photos and Options
01:08 How to turn on the flash
01:34 How turn live photos on or off & how to use it
02:42 How change photography styles
03:32 How to change iPhone photos size
04:04 Set photo exposure
04:56 How to set a photo timer on the iPhone 13
05:09 Setting Live Filters
05:30 Lock focus, zoom options and how to take a proper photo
07:41 How to take macro photos on the iPhone (Close Up photos)
08:34 Quick Take videos and how to take burst photos
09:21 iPhone front facing camera tutorial with Night Mode
10:36 iPhone 13 Pro Portrait Mode Tutorial
13:05 Video tutorial
14:36 How to use Cinematic videos on the iPhone
16:18 Slow Motion Video (Slo-Mo)
17:45 Time-Lapse Videos Demonstration
18:37 Pano – Panoramic Photos tutorial
20:21 iPhone 13 Pro Camera Settings Explained
21:42 How to enable Apple ProRaw
26:00 How To Preset Camera Settings
28:10 How to mirror front camera on iPhone 13
30:25 iPhone 13 Camera Tips and Tricks
30:36 How to use text reader
32:10 How to fix blurry photos

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