Today we show how to make these amazing patty melts on the Blackstone griddle using the smashburger style! These semi-smashburger style patty melts cooked on the Blackstone griddle are so amazing and juicy, we are sure this will become a family favorite from the first cook!

Patty Melt Recipe

Two 1/3 lb. hamburger (eventually made into meatballs to “smash”)
5 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper (to preference)
4 slices of rye bread
r slices of Swiss cheese
2 tbs. butter
1/2 medium yellow onion (cut into slices)
Mayonnaise (for toasting the bread)
Vegetable oil
*Using burger press to “smash” the burgers

Mix hamburger, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper ensuring the ingredients are mixed together well. Form two 6-7oz. (1/3 lb approximate) meat balls. Turn griddle on to medium heat. Once warm, use 1tbs. of butter to coat a small area of the griddle to place the onions on. Place the onions on this area. Once the onions begin to “cook” or caramelize, put the second tbs of butter with the onions. Once the onions begin to become “transparent,” move them to the portion of the griddle that does not have direct heat. Turn burners to med/high heat (approx. 530 degrees). Use approx. 2 tbs of vegetable oil to coat the middle of the griddle. Ensuring enough space between the burgers, place the meatballs down, and begin the smash process, by pressing firmly on the press and holding for 10 seconds. Repeat with other meat. Once the “sear” has formed (after releasing the patties and waiting approx. 1 minute), flip the burgers. Place the cheese on the burgers and allow cheese to melt. To toast the bread, coat one side with mayonnaise and place on the griddle surface. Once down, place the burger patties on the bread, topping with onions and the other slice of bread (we put may on both sides of the top piece of bread to both toast, and add extra flavor to the patty melt). Once the bottom bread is toasted, flip the entire sandwich and toast the top side. Pull from the heat, let cool somewhat, and enjoy!

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