Griddled Pizza 3 Ways!! Cheese, Pepperoni and best of all BBQ Chicken Pizza

This is another quick and easy way to feed the family. Whats really nice is that everyone can make there on personal pan pizza in pretty short order. I STRONGLY recommend trying the BBQ Chicken Pizza. It Is a family favorite in my house. Thank you Guys and Girls for watching.

Ingredients for BBC Chicken Pizza-

– Premade thin crust pizza ( boboli for example)
– BBQ Sauce ( My favorite , Sweet Baby Ray’s)
– Oil , whatever is available. Only a little used to help the BBQ sauce multi task as a marinade
– Strong pinch or two of garlic powder if you would like , added flavor for when warming up crust
– Chicken thighs
– Red Onion
– Cheese of choice. Mozzarella is my favorite for this pizza.