Funky Spaghetti Challenge on the Blackstone Griddle – Spaghetti Burger

I was nominated by Bologna Ring Ranch for a Funky Spaghetti challenge. For my entry, I made a spaghetti noodle bun with a italian seasoned burger, topped with meat sauce, and italian cheeses.

Hope you enjoy!

Bologna Ring Ranch –

Boo Boys Country Cooking –

Mike at River City BBQ –

36” Blackstone Griddle (Amazon) –
36” Blackstone Griddle (Blackstone) – 36” Blackstone –
Blackstone accessories kit –
Blackstone Surround –
36” Blackstone Hard Cover –
Thermoworks Items:
Thermoworks Smoke –
Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 –
Thermoworks ThermaPop –
The Ringer – Cast Iron Cleaner –
Anova Sous Vide:
Unicorn Pepper Grinder –
Prep Nitrile Gloves (6.3mil) –
Spriralizer Veggie Slicer –
Camera used –
Lighting Used –
Tripod Used –

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