This Is how I do a full hibachi cook on the Blackstone griddle. this is an amazing Blackstone griddle recipe and this meal is the reason we love Blackstone griddle cooking! In this video we made blackstone hibachi fried rice, blackstone hibachi noodles, blackstone hibachi steak, blackstone hibachi shrimp and blackstone hibachi chicken. I wish I had a real hibachi grill for this because they are bigger and much easier to clean. The sauces that go in this dish make a huge mess on the griddle so beware! Since there is a decent amount of preparation for this cook, I got everything ready the night before and that makes the cook go a lot more smoothly. I didn’t really care for the udon noodles but they would work in a pinch. My camera stopped recording before I put the shrimp on so I apologize for that. You didn’t miss much all I did was put the shrimp on and add a little oil and butter then I flipped the chicken and steak to cut it. But this is how make hibachi at home and it is very easy to make hibachi on a flat top Grill. I think hibachi chef‘s use some kind of vodka to make the volcano train. I had a little tequila that I try to use but it didn’t work out that well. I highly recommend the next time you go to a hibachi steakhouse you ask if you can buy their sauce because it is going to be amazing.
We used:
New York strip steak
Chicken breast
Raw shrimp not the pre cooked stuff
Rice made the day before
Udon noodles
Veggies onion zucchini and carrots