Doritos Smash Burger Recipe | Blackstone Griddle Recipes

This is how to make a Dorito smash burger on the blackstone griddle. Came out great and was a easy burger recipe. The crispy patty from the Doritos was amazing! Awesome flavors from all the burger fixings and I think I would try this again with flaming hot Cheetos next time. I put the Doritos in a baggie and used a rolling pin to smash them and mix with the meat. This recipe made 5 burgers.

1 pound ground beef
1 Jalapeño cut in slices
1/4 Onion cut in slices
5 slices of cheese
Mayo to toast the bun
Sesame seed brioche bun
1 cup of smashed Doritos

36” blackstone griddle-
Grease cup liners-
Everything bagel seasoning-
Meat grinder-
Long spatula Utensil kit-
Burger spatula kit-
Pancake breakfast kit-
12 inch Round basting cover-
Cutting board-
Taco rack-
Burger and bacon press-
Temperature gun-
Blue shop towels-
Meat thermometer-
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