This is how I made a brisket smash burger on the blackstone griddle. No joke this is the best tasting burger I’ve ever made. This brisket burger recipe was amazing and I purposely didn’t season the meat with salt or anything because I knew this would be a great brisket burger blend recipe. I ground up 1.25lbs of brisket and .75 lbs of short rib with my new Michelangelo meat grinder and it was a great mixture of the two. Start off with the bacon and get those onions started with oil, salt and pepper. When the bacon and onions are done just move them aside and smash those patties. I did 2 4-5 oz patties. Toast that bun with some Dukes mayonnaise. Then when you flip the patties, add the bacon to 1 of them and cheese to both. Once the cheese is melted go ahead and build it! I added some ketchup and pickles to mine but go crazy with it! You have to try this brisket burger recipe especially if it’s a brisket smash burger!
This recipe made 2 double burgers and 2 single burger. Don’t forget to check out the Michelangelo website in this link.

1.25lbs brisket and .75lbs short rib ground together and made into 4ish ounce balls to smash
1 whole white onion cut into slices
2 slices of cheese
2 slices of thick cut bacon
1 sesame seed brioche bun toasted with dukes mayonnaise

36” blackstone griddle-
Meat grinder-
Utensil kit-
Burger spatula-
Pancake breakfast kit-
12 inch Round basting cover-
Cutting board-
Taco rack-
Burger and bacon press-
Temperature gun-
Blue shop towels-