We made a massive Muffuletta on the griddle! Try doing THIS in a frying pan!

This is a great sandwich! Packs a ton of flavor and super easy to create. If you like Italian subs/hoagies/heroes you are going to love this. We generally serve it as an app by slicing it into 2 inch by 2 inch pieces and piling them on a tray. We list the recipe below but consider it a guideline. The olive spread is required if you want to call it a Muffuletta but the process would work just as well on a massive ham and cheese or some other sandwich.

1/4lbs Hot Capicola
1/4lbs Hot Ham
1/4lbs Mortadella
1/4lbs Genoa Salami
1/4lbs Sharp Provolone
1 Jar spanish olives stuffed with pimento
1 Jar roasted red peppers
2 Peppersoncini Peppers