These country fried steak fingers on the Blackstone griddle are so quick and easy to prepare.
If you don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to mess with pounding out your cube steak and the mess of a breading station, try these pre-breaded, pre-seasoned and pre-cooked restaurant style steak fingers from Fast Fixn’. Easy to grip and dip in a creamy country gravy and are a simple, delicious alternative to making your own. Try them tonight for an easy dinner that’s easy on your wallet too.

Shopping List:
28 ounce bag Fast Fixn’ Restaurant Style Steak Fingers (You can find them at Walmart)
26 ounce bag Fast Food French Fries
Cream country gravy
Kosher salt for the fries

According to the bag you can prepare the steak fingers in the oven or microwave. You can even heat them in a skillet. I’ll be using my Blackstone griddle today.
First, heat the griddle on high and once it heats up reduce to medium.
Add your frozen fries and cook for about 10 minutes then turn one cooking zone on low and push the taters to the side just to keep warm. Salt to your liking.
Add the frozen (DO NOT THAW) steak fingers to the griddle over medium heat and warm for about 10 minutes until warmed though flipping halfway through.
Make your country cream gravy.
Basket up the steak fingers, fries, cream gravy and ketchup and enjoy!

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